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From what you can see at the Gallery you can probably tell that I'm not a professional Clay Sculptor. In 1995, I took my first course, which was attended by about a dozen women who wanted to start a new hobby. And things took off from there!
One of the hardest things to do is to come up with new ideas. I'm constantly looking for new themes, that are feasible to construct and also fit into the style of the living room in Monnickendam, the Netherlands, where I used to live until June 2006.

By the way and in case you wondered, "Uschi" is just a nickname and in fact an abbreviation for "Ursula", which is my real Christian name. As you may have assumed, I'm German. I moved to the Netherlands in 1981, where I really got settled.

If you are interested and would like to send questions or remarks, please drop me a line. Even just a little message to let me know that you have been here would be very much appreciated.